I've been given a blogging award!

I want to thank Carol Riggs and her wonderful blog, Artzicarol Ramblings, for sharing this wonderful blogging award with me. Please check out Carol's blog! As soon as you do, you will have found a new "haunt" for your inner writer on the internet. Carol posts fantastic advice about writing, and she presents it all in a clear way that makes it possible to put the advice to work in your own writing immediately.

As part of the fun of accepting this award, I get to share seven things about me, and then share the award with a few more worthy bloggers. So here goes:

Seven things about me: I'm a left-handed Phillies fan who loves guacamole. I am a member of the cooperative blog Let the Words Flow, and my favorite vacation destination is St. John in the US Virgin Islands. My favorite color is blue but my favorite color to wear is black.

And now, to share the award with other deserving blogs! Please check out these wonderful writing blogs. Each is unique in its approach, and each will help you become a better writer, a happier person, or, (most likely) both!:

Thanks again Carol!


  1. Thank you, Julie! :D Never knew you were left handed!

  2. Awwww. Thanks, Julie! Mmmmmmm, guacamole. I seriously miss that here in Germany...

  3. Thanks, Julie! One of my favourite colours is purple, so this award is fab!

  4. I love this idea, kind of a 'share the wealth' way of getting to know others in this crazy business.

    I love the writers community and find it amazing how helpful they can be with their time and expertise.
    I can even forgive them for being a Phillies fan.

  5. Gee, gosh :) Thanks, Julie!! Mmmm....guacamole...

  6. Nice to learn some neat things about you, Julie! You're entirely welcome for the award, and thanks for the linky and attribution. :o) The writing community is a welcoming, fun place!

  7. Woo! Congratulations! :D